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When Sasha meets Elliot a month before her wedding to Pete, the news he brings seems incredible. He claims to have arrived from the future, explaining that their timeline was knocked off course, preventing them from meeting, and begs her to find him in the present day.


But Sasha’s wedding plans are underway and though she’s curious, Elliot turns out to be feckless, rebellious, engaged to glamorous and pregnant Belle and instantly suspicious of Sasha’s motives for tracking him down.


A previous connection with Elliot’s father finds Sasha doing the catering at a dinner party at his house with the help of her best friend, Rosie, and she discovers that Elliot has sadness in his past and that Belle is up to no good . . .



On the eve of her 27th birthday, Josie Goodwin is feeling harassed. Her boyfriend Will has become a donkey-loving hippy and her best friend Lara has baby-brain. She desperately needs to find the perfect location for a film shoot, or her career may implode.


Her eccentric grandma has always said that Josie will inherit a book of spells on her birthday, but since she doesn’t believe in magic, nothing will improve; or will it?



Abby Archer, a smart and savvy woman who refuses taken in by celebrity culture, becomes fascinated with it-girl and media darling Brooke Simmons after she falls into a coma following a car crash.


Her loyal security-guard-turned-lover Nick Lawson is implicated in the accident, someone Abby met just days before. One day Abby begins to feel unwell, and is shocked to see the face looking back at her in the mirror is no longer her own, but that of Brooke Simmons . . .

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